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Management Systems - International Standards

A management system is the way in which an organization manages the inter-related parts of its business in order to achieve its objectives. These objectives can relate to a number of different topics, including product or service quality, operational efficiency, environmental performance, health and safety in the workplace and many more.


The level of complexity of the system will depend on each organization’s specific context. For some organizations, especially smaller ones, it may simply mean having strong leadership from the business owner, providing a clear definition of what is expected from each individual employee and how they contribute to the organization’s overall objectives, without the need for extensive documentation. More complex businesses operating, for example, in highly regulated sectors, may need extensive documentation and controls in order to fulfil their legal obligations and meet their organizational objectives.


At 1st Safety Solutions, we can assist you in developing and enhancing your health, safety, environmental and quality management systems. By using ISO standards, you will be able to confidently demonstrate the quality of your service to potential and existing clients.

We have successfully implemented, managed, maintained and transitioned many clients who have all had many benefits such as business growth, streamlined working processes increased staff morale and many more.


Benefits of Management Systems


The benefits of an effective management system to an organization include:

  • More efficient use of resources and improved financial performance,

  • Improved risk management and protection of people and the environment, and

  • Increased capability to deliver consistent and improved services and products, thereby increasing value to customers and all other stakeholders.

ISO 45001

ISO 45001 is the world’s first occupational health and safety international standard


ISO 45001 brings occupational health and safety management and continual improvement into the heart of an organization. This new standard is an opportunity for organizations to align their strategic direction with their OH&S management system. In addition, there is an increased focus on improving occupational health and safety performance.

There are  multiple benefits as a result of implementing and adopting occupational health and safety management systems, such as:

  • Reduce work related injuries, ill health and death

  • Eliminate or minimize OH&S risks

  • Improve OH&S performance and effectiveness

  • Demonstrate corporate responsibility and meet supply chain requirements

  • Protect brand reputation

  • Motivate and engage staff through consultation and participation

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 helps businesses of all sizes across all sectors make their day to day operations more sustainable.


Sustainability can ultimately save money, improve brand reputation, engage employees and build resilience against uncertainty as well as the ability to rapidly adapt to change.

ISO 14001:2015 sets out the criteria for an environmental management system and can be certified to. It maps out a framework that a company or organization can follow to set up an effective environmental management system. It can be used by any organization regardless of its activity or sector.

Using ISO 14001:2015 can provide assurance to company management and employees as well as external stakeholders that environmental impact is being measured and improved.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is the internationally recognized Quality Management System (QMS) standard that can benefit any size organization. Designed to be a powerful business improvement tool, ISO 9001 Quality Management certification can help you to:

  • Continually improve, streamline operations and reduce costs

  • Win more business and compete in tenders 

  • Satisfy more customers

  • Be more resilient and build a sustainable business

  • Show you have strong corporate governance

  • Work effectively with stakeholders and your supply chain

It can be used by any organization, large or small, regardless of its field of activity.

ISO 22301

Understand and prioritize the threats to your business with the international standard for business continuity. ISO 22301 specifies the requirements for a management system to protect against, reduce the likelihood of, and ensure your business recovers from disruptive incidents.

Benefits include:

  • Identify and manage current and future threats to your business

  • Take a proactive approach to minimizing the impact of incidents

  • Keep critical functions up and running during times of crises

  • Minimize downtime during incidents and improve recovery time

  • Demonstrate resilience to customers, suppliers and for tender requests

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