IOSH are a world-leading developer of certificated safety and health training courses. Their courses provide insights and practical tools so that individuals and organisations can create safer and healthier working environments.


By promoting a safety and health culture in which everyone plays their part, their courses help to reduce sickness absence, improve productivity and bring about other organisational benefits.  They are constantly developing innovative programmes for people in all industrial and business sectors and all types of organisation worldwide.


IOSH health and safety training courses are suitable for people of all levels in every sector and any organisation.   Every year, around 100,000 employees gain an IOSH health and safety training qualification


IOSH Working Safely

March 01, 2018

This is a one-day course for employees working in all sectors, at any level, in any type of organisation, dealing with the importance of safety and how a change in behaviour can improve your well-being. Our accredited trainers are highly talented and have conducted training throughout Scotland. Working safely is a 100% match to the Health and Safety Executive's 'Passport' Syllabus and is recognised as an equivalent to a level 1 award in health and safety in a construction environment.


Delegates who successfully complete this course can apply for a Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS) green card once they've passed the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Operatives Test. We keep the learning materials enjoyable and stimulating in order to get the vital health and safety messages across.

IOSH Managing Safely

March 01, 2018

This course has been designed for top and middle level management, for all types of sectors in any organization, unlike other IOSH training courses. The course can be delivered over three to five days.
Managing Safely basically discusses the basics and importance of health and safety, keeping managers updated on practical actions they need to carry out for managing and promoting health and safety in their teams. It discusses common issues faced by employees and how they can tackle these issues tactfully. We use high-quality animated graphics and presentations to make it fun and engaging.

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